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 Why Use A Freelance Researcher?

Do you need to conduct market research and insight for your company but can't afford to employ a full time Market Research Manager, require an additional resource or to cover maternity leave? Ann Gornall can act as your Research Manager for a period of time to suit your budget and needs, on or off your business site. Boosting your competitive edge and increasing your revenue.

Experienced Professional

With over twenty years experience in the research industry, client and agency side, Ann has a wealth of experience of managing various research projects  for a number of business sectors as well as running various research and business functions. Adding insight and her expertise from working with the following sectors: Education, Business to Business, Business to Consumer, FMCG, Education, Central and Local Government. Ann abides to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and is fully qualified accredited with the MMRS.

Reliable Approach

Ann will work with you to meet your research needs. Be it designing a research programme, conducting market research for your company, managing agencies, facilitating focus groups or managing a particular project. Ann is very reliable and trustworthy.

An Additional Resource

You may need an additional resource to join your Marketing team or need someone to consult with to decide on the way forward for your research programme. Use Ann as this additional support, freeing up your teams time.

Short or Long Periods 

You can choose to use Ann for one month, two days per week, 6 months, the project length, depending upon your needs and budget. Ann is Self Employed so you do not need to worry about PAYE, holiday or sickness pay. At the beginning of the project an agreed budget will be set for the freelance work.

About Ann

With over twenty years experience in the research industry Ann, MMRS has worked Client, (Public and Private sector) and Agency side as well as running her own successful research agency for 10 years, managing fieldwork teams as well as designing and implementing research programmes. 

You may be a growing business with a need to conduct some research but don't have the skills in house or you need an additional resource to support your research/marketing team or to cover maternity leave.

Ann can provide a range of qualitative and quantitative services as well as designing research programmes and managing research agencies. With a drive for being reliable and creative in her approach Ann'ssuccess has come about through working closely with clients to understand their business and research needs in detail.


Areas of Expertise

Are you in need of someone to design, manage and implement market research projects on your organisations behalf? Ann can provide you with an additional resource when needed.

Case Studies & Examples of Projects

Ann in partnership with Penny Strutton Ltd was asked to assist in the development and implementation of an employment engagement survey on behalf of a construction company, followed by a piece of work relating to values and leadership behaviours to support organisational change.

A research programme was designed and implemented with a quantitative approach adopted.

All employees participated in the research and the company has used the findings of the research to implement a number of changes to their HR policies, recruitment and retention processes.  
A series of focus groups were held in both urban and rural areas of a County to gather perceptions on a proposed new concept for a service provider. 

A mixture of group discussions and in-depth interviews were set-up, designed and implemented to gather insight on the proposed concept. 

Topic guides were designed, participants recruited and discussions moderated, transcribed and analysed for the client.

 A presentation of the key findings was also made to staff internally to action change.
Ann undertook a number of in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with consumers of beer to gather their perceptions on a proposed new drink concept. 

 The data was analysed and an insightful report produced, presenting a story of how consumers engage with drinking, make purchasing decisions and what they look for in certain drink brands. 


Research Services

  • Design research programmes
  • Write research briefs
  • Manage and commission agencies
  • Design a research project to address a business need
  • Design a questionnaire/topic guide
  • Moderate focus group discussions
  • Set up a research function
  • Support the fieldwork process
  • Analyse research data
  • Produced detailed and actionable reports/debriefs: story telling
  • Moderate focus group discussions

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